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An artist, printmaker and mountain enthusiast based in the English Lake District, mostly working in relief printmaking.


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An artist, printmaker and mountain enthusiast based in the English Lake District, I mostly work in relief printmaking and constantly inspired by the landscapes I immerse myself within. 


Usually, just a brief moment or a passing glimpse triggers a desire to create. Each experience is held, allowing it time to develop as a memory and I begin working once the memory has settled.


Sometimes, the landscape I'm recollecting is familiar, and I sketch directly from memory. Other times, I'll draw a scene from life using the sketching process as a tool to embed memory, continuing in the studio without referencing the original sketch.


The most enduring aspects of any scene are consequently the ones that feature most prominently in my work; a larger than life mountain, a simplified pattern, exaggerated negative spaces - all linked by the desire to cherish and share the lived connection between the landscape and the viewer.


Having studied art and always sketched, linocut printing is a natural progression for my graphic style of drawing. Mostly self-taught, I started small, printing atop my little kitchen table using a wooden spoon to press the prints. A subsequent house move allowed me the home studio and the printing press I’d been dreaming of.


Linocut printing is a time intense process of delicate hand-carving, hand rolling specialist inks and pressing the prints in my roller press by hand. Usually an image is built up over multiple layers, sometimes using a reduction process, carving away more lino at each stage making the lino unusable in future. Almost all of my prints are limited edition. When you buy one of my prints it’ll be an original print not a machine print or reproduction.


You can read more about processes involved by clicking on each print in the gallery.

Any questions? Please get in touch using the form below and I'll reply by email.

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